Tollgate Village

4th August 2017

Local MP Priti Patel, Stanway’s County Councillor Kevin Bentley and Borough Councillors Jackie MacLean and Fiona MacLean have all welcomed the decision taken by the Secretary of State to approve the Tollgate Village scheme for new retail and leisure facilities in Stanway. The scheme had been continuously and persistently blocked by Colchester Borough Council but an independent Planning Inspector recommended that the application be granted permission and the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has now given it the green light.

Priti, who has supported the development which will create hundreds of new jobs, said:

“This is fantastic news for Stanway and this part of Essex. Hundreds of new jobs are now set to be created and we will get to benefit from new facilities and investment in Stanway. I have supported the Tollgate Partnership throughout this process and congratulate them on securing planning permission. They have faced a protracted and difficult process by Colchester Borough Council who have delayed this scheme and the economic benefits it will bring.”

Stanway’s County Councillor Kevin Bentley said:

“I am thrilled and delighted by this decision. I have always maintained that Tollgate Village would be a tremendous boost to our economy. With our Borough growing we need developments that gives our residents the right facilities in the right places and Tollgate Village provides this.”

Borough Councillor Jackie MacLean said:

“I have been supportive of the Tollgate Village proposals and this decision is good news for Stanway. Independent decision makers have now approved both Stane Park and Tollgate Village. Throughout this process we have seen double-standards from the Council and they should be ashamed of their time-wasting ploys. This is a major investment to the local economy and community.”

Priti also condemned Colchester Borough Council’s handling of the planning application and called for the leadership of the Council to consider their positions. Priti said:

“Colchester Borough Council have behaved disgracefully throughout this process. They have tried every trick in the book to try to block this development and now it has been passed the Council’s senior leadership must now consider their positions. This decision also follows the independent Planning Inspector’s decision to approve Stane Park where the Council’s double standards over planning and favouritism towards sites it has vested interests in were exposed. The Council has caused severe delays to investment and job creation in Stanway and it is time for the Council’s leadership to take responsibility for the costs to taxpayers and the loss of investment their failures have caused. This Lib Dem and Labour run rotten Council has been shown to be out of touch and incompetent and this decision is a damning indictment on them.”

A12/A120 Consultations

Strategic Road Network Consultations

There are two important consultations running at the moment on key strategic road infrastructure improvements - the A12 widening scheme and the upgrading of the A120. Priti has been campaigning to secure new investment in these roads and has welcomed the consultations taking place. Members of the public can review the proposals for the A12 and A120 at the weblinks below, attend consultation events, and respond to the consultation. Feel free to also contact Priti by email to: [email protected] with your views too.

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