8th March 2017

Today’s Spring Budget saw a commitment from the Conservative Government to not just maintain our economic stability and increase our economic resilience, but to focus on giving our young people the skills they need to secure a better and brighter future with high-paid, high-skilled jobs in a Britain of the future – outside of the EU, playing its rightful role in the world.

A dynamic Britain will require a workforce that has learnt the necessary and vital skills which will spread economic growth and prosperity for our communities and future generations. However, today Britain is place 16th out of the 20 developed economies when it comes to young people having a good technical education. This needs reform in order for us to compete as a global Britain which is why the Conservatives will overhaul post-16 education with a multi-billion pound drive to improve technical training, introducing new, technical versions of A-levels and 900 hours of teaching each year.

Recently, the Colchester Institute received £5 million to build a new campus in Braintree for science and technology. This investment will transform the College into one of the leading providers of STEM subjects in the region, offering more of my constituents the opportunity to access a robust and proficient technical education.

Today, 1.8 million more pupils are taught in good or outstanding schools than when the Conservatives entered Government in 2010, with 89% of schools in England rated good or outstanding, the highest proportion ever recorded. However, this Government still remains committed to improving school standards in England especially for the 1.25 million pupils in schools which are rate by Ofsted as requiring improvement or are inadequate. In Witham and throughout Essex, I remain a passionate advocate of increasing the capacity and diversity of the school system so that there is a good school place that caters to the individual needs and abilities of every single child in my constituency, whatever their background and wherever they live.

Reformed technical education, coupled with the expansion and diversification of the school system, is part of the thrust to meet our great nation’s ambitions. This Conservative Spring Budget will give our children and grandchildren a fair chance to succeed in the new opportunities that await us as we begin our journey to a brighter future for our country as we leave the European Union.

A12/A120 Consultations

Strategic Road Network Consultations

There are two important consultations running at the moment on key strategic road infrastructure improvements - the A12 widening scheme and the upgrading of the A120. Priti has been campaigning to secure new investment in these roads and has welcomed the consultations taking place. Members of the public can review the proposals for the A12 and A120 at the weblinks below, attend consultation events, and respond to the consultation. Feel free to also contact Priti by email to: [email protected] with your views too.

Widening the A12

Upgrading the A120

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